Colostrum immuno booster

horse-headHighly concentrated colostrum powder to support immune system, muscle growth and recovery of horse.

Colostrum is not just baby food. Colostrum helps horses maintain optimal health and performance.

Product description:

  • Simply use: mix powder with feed, neutral flavour - do not affect the taste and smell of the feed

  • Colostrum is a natural source of nutritional factors that have a possitive effect on horse's:

    • Allergies - to promote and balance natural immunity
    • Digestive distress -  stimulate gastrointestinal repair
    • Obesity - to help burn body fat
    • Muscles, joints and ligaments - promote optimum muscle growth during exercise
    • Performance and recovery optimization - repair muscle and cartilage
  • A recent study of racehorses found that those receiving added colostrum earned thousands of dollars more per race and were able to resume racing faster than those who were not supplemented.

  • 100% natural product

  • Colostrum of Czech origin

  • No added sugar, no fillers, no preservatives

  • Recommended usage: 1-2 spoon (around 10 g), mix with daily feed.
    In case of high stress, feed twice more for 2 weeks, then reduce to recommended daily dosage.

  • ​​​​​​​Packaging: 300 g in doypack

  • Product is offered as private label or ready-made product

  • Packaging according to customer's requirements

Key ingredients

Colostrum – cow colostrum

Colostrum – cow colostrum

is the first breast milk with extraordinary beneficial effects thanks to the unique ingredients. It is characterized by a high proportion of immunoglobulins - antibodies as a part of the immune system, growth factors, lactoferrin, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

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