Easy Slim

Natural weight loss support in form of powder for preparing a refreshing slimming drink.

A multitude of nutrients combines standardized green tea extractcaffeine, chromium and vitamins for losing weight through natural way.

Practical packaging in single travel sachets.


Product description:

  • Contains standardized extract of green tea - powerful metabolism booster for weight loss

  • Green tea extract is rich in catechins and caffeine which have been shown to assist with weight loss by enhancing thermogenesis: the process by which your body burns calories and produces heat

  • Provides powerful antioxidant benefits for your whole body

  • Light in calories, with no added sugar, high in fibre

  • Acts as an effective weight loss product for both women and men

  • Active substance: a sachet contains 100 mg of green tea extract (standardized on EGCG), 200 mg of yerba mate extract, 50 mg of caffeine, fibre, chromium and vitamins B1 & B6
  • Recommended usage: 1-2 sachets (drinks) per day, mix with 200 ml of water
  • Packaging: 20 / 30 sachets in a box

  • Vegan, No added sugar, No preservatives and colour

  • Product is offered as private label or ready-made product

  • Packaging according to customer's requirements

Key ingredients

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal mental activity. Also are necessary for the metabolism of proteins, glycogen and energy metabolism.



Chromium is a trace element, important for metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It promotes proper insulin activity and proper regulation of glucose metabolism. Chromium contributes to maintaining normal blood glucose levels. Chromium enhance muscle mass and weight loss.

Green tea

Green tea

Standardized extract of green tea with antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) boost metabolism and support fat burning.



Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that has been found to aid fat burning and improves exercise performance - this combination of EGCG and caffeine has a synergic effect on fat burning.



An essential part of any weight management plan is fiber, which has a positive effect on better digestion, feeling fuller longer and low cholesterol levels.


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