Horse colostrum 

Horse colostrum is determined as complementary feed for racing and adult horses to improve muscular strength, increase lean body mass, increase endurance and capacity and at the same time speed recovery.  

High quality formulation with colostrum, vitamins and minerals developed for racing horses to train harder, longer and recover faster. 

Bovine colostrum can be supplemented to racehorses for the purpose of optimizing athletic performance and recovery of the animal. 

Recent study of racehorses found  that  those receiving added  colostrum  earned thousands  of  dollars  more per race and  were able  to resume  racing  faster than those  who  were  not supplemented. 

Horses in general are experiencing gastric discomfort related to a highly acidic environment in the stomach. Our product contains ingredients designed to support gastric health and proper gastric pH. It does support immunity and anti-inflammatory effect. All of these impacts lead to higher performance. 

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Product description:

  • Special colostrum based formulation for racing and adult horses  

  • Support muscular strength 

  • Performance booster 

  • Speed recovery  

  • Gastric health support 

  • Complementary feed 

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