Highest quality Lactoferrin, a multi-functional and hard to get protein. 
The powerful ingredient for production and enrichment of: baby food, functional food, food supplements and cosmetics

Health benefits of Lactoferrin: 

Sold as a supplement, lactoferrin is often promoted for supporting or strengthening the immune system, preventing infections and improving gut health.
Lactoferrin's main functions in the body include binding with and transporting iron. Some people take lactoferrin supplements for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Available qualities: 

aktivní látky Laktoferin

Production in IFS Food certified company: 

  • fresh milk is delivered from dairy farmers
  • raw milk is processed within 24 hours, purification by double filtration process, freed from impurities contaminants
  • gently dried in low-heat process

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