Migraine Stop ODT

Natural prevention of migraine attacks and severe headache, a unique product combining the effects of Feverfew extract and Baical skullcap extract, enriched with L-Theanin and vitamins B1 a B6.

The only product on the market with scientifically proven high solubility and cellular absorption of effective plant extracts - up to 300 times higher than that of commonly available products, developed in cooperation with the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic.

User friendly dosage form in  orally soluble tablets (ODT) for maximum absorption.


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Product description:


  • Individuals suffering from migraine attacks
  • Reduces increased sensitivity to light and noise
  • Prevents vomiting and nausea during migraine attacks
  • Induction of relaxation
  • Prevention of anxiety

Standardized Curcuma longa extract (95% of curcumin and other cucuminoids) (15)

Key Ingredients



Well-known antioxidant that helps the normal functioning of the circulatory system, it has a relaxing and analgesic effect. Its main active ingredients are parthenolides.

Baical scullcap

Baical scullcap

The main active substances of Baical scullcap are mainly flavonoids - baicalein, baicalin, wogonin. Flavonoids also bioflavonoids, or vitamin P, are known for their antioxidant effects.



98% extract of Chinese tea, positively affects the mental state, vitality, performance and concentration.

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal mental activity. Also are necessary for the metabolism of proteins, glycogen and energy metabolism.


Summary of our scientific study
Increase of absorption of Feverfew and Scullcap

In the context of research and development cooperation between mcePharma s.r.o. and Biocev, increased solubility and cell absorption of the Feverfew and Skullcap extracts active substances was achieved. The absorbtion of Feverfew was increased 300 times and in case of Skullcap was increased 1,5 times than competing products. 

One of the problems associated with administration of the feverfew extract is the lack of solubility of the active substances - parthenolides. It is possible to increase solubility of the formation of complexes with a suitable substance. Upon subsequent contact with the body fluids, the parthenolides are released from these complexes. 

Thanks to the advanced formulation approach (orally dispersible tablets), the active substances are released and absorbed in the oral cavity and the upper part of the esophagus, thus avoiding the passage through the liver. This results in much higher efficiency even at low doses. If the active ingredients were administered in a classic tablet, a majority of administered dose would be destroyed or converted into ineffective substances by passing through the digestive tract.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the study!


Comparison of relative absorption
of parthenolides through the model membrane
of Migraine stop and commercial products:

Product A

0.7 %

Product B

13 %

Migraine stop

100 %


Migraine stop rapidly (within 40 seconds) releases the main active ingredients of the standardized extract of Feverfew (up to 60% of parthenolides) and Skullcap (up to 85% of baicalin).

In comparison to competitive products A and B, up to 300 times more parthenolides pass-through model membrane in our product Migraine stop.

Summary of our study 


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