PreMix cat active - castrated

PreMix cat active is nutrition blend, established for dry cat food production, to be simply added during the production process.. It is a mixture of minerals like zinc, copper, selenium, iron, iodine, manganese, vitamins - vitamin A, D, E, complex of B vitamins, vitamin H, amino acids and antioxidant.  

Our formula is designed for cats after neutering. Supports a prevention of inflammation in the urinary tract. Its composition has a positive impact on healthy development and shiny coat. Essential amino acids help to strengthen and maintain muscle tissue and prevent increase of weight.  

castrated introduction

Product description:

  • Ready-made product designed for simple usage in production of dry cat food

  • Especially developed for castrated cats to support recovery and healthy life after neutering 

  • Positive impact on muscular system and healthy vision 

  • High amount of essential nutrients  

  • Support nourished and shiny coat  

  • prevention of urinary tract diseases and obesity 

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