mcePharma develops and offers extensive range of highly effective multifunctional and multicomponent excipients designed for direct compression of food grade tablets.

Our granulated powder mixtures are perfect solution for easy and simple production of tablets with increased bioavailability and rapid onset of therapeutical effect.

For preparation of tableting mixture and starting tablet production, mixing our multicomponent excipient with active ingredient is sufficient. No granulation or gliding additions are necessary. This fact leads to money and time savings in dietary supplements production.

Main benefits of multifunctional multicomponent excipients:

  • Fully biologically degradable multicomponent excipients of natural origin
  • Prepared mixtures of excipients, ideal for economically effective production
  • Easier and simpler production process
  • Tailor-made development according to the specific formulation
  • Production of robust tablets even with low compression forces
  • No calories, not cariogenic

mceODT granular powder

mceODT granular powder is highly effective semi-natural multicomponent, multifunctional co-processed excipient, produced by method of fluid bed granulation, for tablet dietary supplements. This granular powder was developed for production of innovative dosage forms, such as: 

  • orally disintegrating tablets produced by method of direct compression
  • directly compressed chewing tablets
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Usage of mceODTgranular

mceODT granular powder is designed for ODT (orally disintegrating tablets) production - ODT disintegrate in mouth within 30 seconds and they are newly emerging trend in solid dosage form delivery.

ODT are developed especially for consumers, suffering from problems with swallowing classic tablets (seniors, children) or anybody, who do not like swallowing tablets.

mceODT granular powder is available in food grade quality and it is convenient for production of nutritional tablets in form of ODT or chewing tablets.

Simple production process: simple mixing of granular powder with active ingredient, followed by direct compression of tablets. No other granulation step is necessary.

Usual content of mceODT multifunctional excipient in tablet is 50 − 95 %.

We also offer production of multicomponent mixtures on demand according to our customers' needs.

Main benefits of mceODT granular powder

  • Produced from natural and seminatural material
  • Cost effective regarding to the time-savings in tablet production
  • Short disintegration and dissolution time of produced tablets
  • Increased bioavailability of active ingredient
  • GMO free, non-cariogenic, does not increase a blood sugar level
  • Developed for direct compression
  • Lower friability of final tablets

How to use mceODT multifunctional excipient in production

Our granular powder acts as filler, disintegrant, and has optimal flow properties and excellent compressibility. It is “all-in-one” and “ready-to-use” solution.

Simple production process: no additional step of granulation is necessary. Simple mixing of granular powder with active ingredient is followed by direct compression.

Usual content of mceODT multifunctional excipient in tablet is 50 − 95 %. 

Product specifications

mceODT granular powder is multicomponent multifunctional and co-processed excipient, almost white in form of powder.

Composition: all-in-one solution: filler (mixture of natural and semi-natural starches with polyols) + binder + disintegrant + glidant.

mceODT granular powder parameters

Bulk density 0,41 g/ml
Tapped density 0,53 g/ml
Mean particle size 120 µm

mceODT granular powder particle size distribution


mceMR granular powder

mceMR granular powder is highly efficient multicomponent excipient designed for modified release tablets production.

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Application of mceMR granular powder

mceMR granular powder is developed for purpose of modified release tablets (MR tablets) production.

Modified release tablets are special dosage form, which are able to release active ingredient in time period of 6 – 18 hours. Advantage of this concept is maintenance of stable active ingredient level in blood or increased absorption of low absorption active ingredients

mceMR granular powder is developed in food grade quality and is perfect for nutritional supplements tablet production.

Simple production process: no additional step of granulation is necessary. Simple mixing of granular powder with active ingredient is followed by direct compression.

Usual content of mceMR multifunctional excipient in tablet is 50 − 95 %.

MR tablets represent next generation of dietary supplements with higher efficiency and increased absorption.

Currently, mceMR is in state of intensive development.

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