Benefits of bovine colostrum

Benefits of bovine colostrum

Bovine colostrum – source of immunoglobulins for stronger immunity

The immune system is the main protection against pathogens in all human beings. We are born with basic immune system, called innate immune system. It’s a first line of defence when inflammation hits and it buys time for second line of defence – adaptive immune system, which is more precise, but it takes years to develop properly. The first boost for adaptive immunity is acquired from mother’s milk, which is full of immunomodulatory substances and between them – immunoglobulins (Ig). Immunoglobulins are compounds that can help our adaptive immune system to respond properly to foreign substances that enter our body. They bind to pathogens and trigger effective immune response. We recognize five main types of Ig’s – IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM and IgG. The last named is the one of most common occurrences in human body, as around 75% of all immunoglobulins are IgG. They are relatively small, which allows them easy passage through human tissues.

IgG’s have many important functions, for example binding of pathogens and toxins, enhancement of immunity responses and aiding to processes that lead to elimination of viruses and other pathogens.

Bovine IgG has the same function as human IgG – connect with viruses, bacteria and allergens to prevent them from hurting us, so it can be used as active, prophylactic ingredient in human food and supplements. Between human pathogens that bovine IgG’s can bind belong Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Helicobacter and many more. For maintaining of functionality of bovine IgGs they must survive the passage through stomach into small intestine. Infants and children have less aggressive gastric environment, so the number of IgG’s that remain active is much higher than in adults. That’s why colostrum supplements are especially beneficial to children.

And how do the bovine IgG’s work? As they attach themselves to the harmful compounds, they impair their capability to enter into human body though intestines, they also enhance response of humane immune system by binding to immune cells and help to reduce inflammation.

As are the bovine IgG’s beneficial to youngest, with immature immune system, they can also help elder. The immune system in older people is not as effective, the production of immune cells and immunoglobulins is lower and slower. The consumption of bovine colostrum can positively affect immunomodulation and general health of the elderly.

In conclusion the use of bovine colostrum in form of supplements is a good support for immune functions in vulnerable groups as children, older people and immunodeficient individuals.

Because the quality of colostrum is very important not only to consumers, but also to us, manufactures, we use finest skimmed spray dried cow colostrum, produced in Czech Republic. It contains up to 40 % IgG’s (40 % of all proteins in colostrum) and no antibiotics, the colostrum is tested for antibiotics residues for ensuring the purity of the ingredient.

The colostrum is then used in our products. The most popular is colostrum stick plus vitamin D3 with strawberry flavour. The sticks are ready to use, there is no need for water after use and they are small, so you can take them everywhere. The form of stick is also convenient for children who have difficulties swallowing capsules and tablets. Second popular product is more suitable for people that like to enrich their food and smoothies. The Immunocolostrum comes in flacon and the colostrum is mixed with prebiotic inulin fibre. It is ready to be mixed with smoothies, milk or porridge, without aroma or preservatives. Both products are great immunity boosters and we are offering them as private label, which you can alter to your liking or ready-made products.


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