Healthy Pregnancy with our Prenatal care

Healthy Pregnancy with our Prenatal care

Daily orally supplementation of iron is recommended to ensure mother's and babies’ health during pregnancy.

The usual problem with iron supplementation lies in it's effects on stomach and oesophagus. Many woman will feel stomach pain and irritation in oesophagus after swallowing iron supplement. We are well aware of those side effects, and that why Prenatal forte contains microencapsulated iron, that does not have any gastrointestinal side effects. The iron  that we are using is also very stable and lacks unpleasant metallic after taste. It's properties are making it the most gentle form of iron, without loosing bioavailability.

The Prenatal forte was tested by target group - pregnant woman. Those who tried product with encapsulated iron agreed that it is a most comfortable iron-enriched supplement, that did not irritate their stomach.


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