NEW SERVICES - Capsules Manufacturing Services

NEW SERVICES - Capsules Manufacturing Services

mcePharma is supplier of contract manufacturing services for your private label production of capsules. 
We supply manufacturing services to small businesses, pharmacies, laboratories, and other companies. 

We offer complete service from formulation to finished packaging – jars or personalized sachets, with focus on small series, high standard of production under certification ISO 22000. 

Thanks to our expertise of healthy lifestyle and food supplements segment we provide to our customers the opportunity to have their private label production fully outsourced at affordable costs. We focus on small and trial batch size contract manufacturing of capsules. 

We offer gelatine (HGC) or vegan capsules (HMPC), different capsule sizes for different applications and dosages: 00, 0, 1, 2. 

Do you have your own formulation and want to keep it? 
No problem, send us your finished product formula and we take care of the rest. You will get back the packaged product in your desired jar/box ready for shipping to your customers.  

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