We've Got It! Neo curcumin supplement patented in Canada!

We've Got It! Neo curcumin supplement patented in Canada!

We are proud to announce that our mcePharma's team has achieved a significant milestone in our journey.

We have been granted a patent in Canada for our revolutionary dietary supplement, Neo Curcumin Supplement ODT.

The #patent number is CA 3.004.220, titled "Mixture of Stabilised Biologically Available Curcumin for Orodispersible Formulations, Formulations of Biologically Available Curcumin, and an Orodispersible Tablet with Biologically Available Curcumin and Its Application."

This accomplishment marks a major breakthrough for us and validates the hard work and dedication we have put into developing this remarkable supplement. Neo Curcumin Supplement is designed to provide enhanced bioavailability and stability of curcumin, a potent natural compound known for its numerous health benefits.

The patented formulation allows for orodispersible (fast-dissolving) formulations, making it easier for individuals to incorporate curcumin into their daily routines. By ensuring the biologically available curcumin reaches its full potential, we aim to empower people to take control of their health and well-being.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our brilliant team of scientists, researchers, and all those who have contributed to this significant achievement. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment have brought us to this moment of triumph.

Furthermore, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Canadian Patent Office for recognizing the innovation and uniqueness of our Neo Curcumin Supplement. This patent grant further strengthens our position in the global market and paves the way for exciting opportunities ahead.

We firmly believe that this breakthrough will make a positive impact on countless lives, and we are excited to continue our mission of developing science-backed solutions for better health.