Fast sleep - effective food supplement

Fast sleep - effective food supplement

The period of early spring is filled by a feeling of heaviness and waiting for the sun, at the actual circumstances even more than ever. Fast Sleep brings an opportunity how to refresh sleep and keep smile on your face even in a time when many people sleep quite restless. 

In these days, there are many insomnia problems because of the way of life that keeps us in distance from natural cycles. Bright lighting even at night, night work shifts, to little sport, or long nights full of work, that all can change our sleep hormone levels. Fortunately, the missing melatonin can be supplemented from the outside.  

Why should we swallow tablets and wait long minutes for (and if at all) the desired effect to come? From Fast Sleep, in the form of  orodispersible tablets (odt), melatonin begins to be released immediately after putting into the mouth.  

Thanks to the unique processing, it is almost 100% absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth.
In contrast with the 10 % bioavailability of melatonin from a conventional tablet, it imitates the natural sleep cycle much more faithfully. And without rolling in bed and waiting for sleep. 

Rest is not just about sleep itself. Melatonin therefore accompanies three other herbal extracts. 

  • Magnolia relieves muscle tension, relieves anxiety, but also brings many other pleasant effects.  

  • Green tea extract induces relaxation of body and mind. 

  • Griffonia contains the substance 5-HTP, which the human body uses to make serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone. 

In combination with B vitamins, Fast Sleep also prepares our body and mind for sleep, and at the same time it brings us positive mood for the next day. All this thanks to the content of natural substances, without the risk of addiction, or morning sleepiness or drowsiness. 

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