FAST Sleep

Falling asleep quickly due to a rapid release of melatonin in orally dispersible tablets (ODT)deep sleep and fresh awakening thanks to the gradual release of extract plants (Griffonia simplifolia, Camellia sinensis and Magnolia officinalis) and vitamins.

Developed in cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic - scientific study confirmed higher absorption (600%) of melatonin in comparison to classic products, and 100% solubility of melatonin.

Fast sleep is swiftly dissolved in mouth and the singular blend of substances is absorbed and active from first minute after use.

Product description

  • Innovative food supplement with its own scientific study. The product was developed in a cooperation with Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University.

  • Scientific breakthrough: rapid release of melatonin caused by inclusion complex and dosage in form of orally dispersible tablets:
    • 600 % higher absorption of melatonin
    • 100 % solubility ​​​​​​​
  • Melatonin from Fast sleep is released and absorbed from first minute after taking the tables. In comparison it takes up to 20 minutes for common melatonin to be releasedhodiny
  • Effect is supported by:
    • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) from Griffonia simplifolia for increasing of serotonin production (serotonin can affect sleep),
    • L-theanine & Magnolia bark extract for relaxing and anti-anxiety effects,
    • Vitamins B complex for better condition of nervous system.
  • Without side effects:
    • Safe to use for a long period of time, it does not result in habituation and addiction.
    • Does not have adverse side effects, it does not cause sleepiness and drowsiness.
  • Comfortable use - tablets dissolve quickly in the mouth (ODT), no water needed
  • Indication:
    • Difficulties falling asleep
    • Travellers into different time zone (jet lag)
    • Night shift workers
    • Light or unrestful sleep
    • Short sleep duration (early awakening)
    • Frequent awakenings along with the difficulty or inability to fall back to sleep again
Active substances:
1 tablet contains
1 to 3 mg
standardized extract of Griffonia simplifolia (98% 5-HTP)
2 mg
standardized extract of Camellia sinensis (98% L-theanin)
2 mg
standardized extract of Magnolia officinalis (90% honokiol + magnolol)
1 mg
vitamin B1
0.26 mg
vitamin B2
0.42 mg
vitamin B6
0.345 mg
vitamin B12
0.75 µg
  • Recommended usage: 1 tablet to dissolve in the mouth before going to sleep

  • Packaging: 30 tablets in a container

  • Vegan, No added sugar, No preservatives, No artificial colours and aromas

  • logo VEGAN webProduct is offered as private label or ready-made product
  • Packaging according to customer's requirements


    Summary of our scientific study
    Increase of absorption of melatonin

    Within the framework of research and development cooperation with Biocev, 100% solubility and cellular 600x higher absorption of melatonin, released from orally dissolving tablets for rapid onset of sleep, was achieved.

    In humans, 90% of oral melatonin is already degraded during the first passage of the liver, thereby significantly reducing the effectiveness of the administered dose. Fast sleep prevents this undesirable degradation by a sophisticated process that involves the formation of the inclusion complex with melatonin and utilization of orally dissolving tablets as a dosage form.

    One of the problems associated with the use of melatonin is its insufficient solubility. This can be increased by the formation of complexes with a suitable substance. Upon subsequent contact with body fluid, melatonin is released from this complex.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the study!


    Comparison of release of melatonin of Fast sleep (Neo Sleep Supplement) and commercial products:

    Novel melatonin formulation ensures higher absorption in comparison to classic products up to 600 % and increases solubility of melatonin up to 100 %.

    Most of the melatonin is released in the first 30 seconds after administration, in contrast with slow and poor release in other products.

    Summary of our study 


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