NEW PRODUCT - Appetite Blocker

NEW PRODUCT - Appetite Blocker

STOP feel hungry all the time and overeating! 
We are pleased to announce our new product – Appetite Blocker 

Appetite blocker is a food supplement in capsules form containing the effective composition of unique patented clinically tested ingredient DNF-10 and 98% green tea extract which helps to manage appetite and hunger/ promotes feeling of satiety and as a result significant reduction of caloric intake after the first weeks of supplementation.


  • Reduction of overeating notice during the first weeks 
  • After 8 weeks reduce your calorie intake by up to 600 kcal/day - it is comparable for example as 1 hour of running 
  • Weight loss is from fat mass reduction not from muscle mass 
  • No energy reduction

Available as mce label or private label. 

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