Vet clinical study in Spain!

Vet clinical study in Spain!

In August 2019 we will start a new clinical trial of our veterinary product Tabs joints forte for large dogs:

The study will take place in Spain on the known veterinary clinics:

  • Dr. Josep Arús, Arvivet Veterinaris Terrassa
  • Dr. Jordi Giné, Mon Animal Andorra
  • Dr. Alfredo Fernandez, Peñagrande Clínica Veterinaria Madrid

The results of the study should be known in November 2019.

Tabs joint forte is natural complementary feed in form of chewing tablets for dogs.

Special formulation with highly bioavailable curcumin, supported by lecithin and piperine enriched by glucosamine, GLM (green lipped mussel), collagen and hyaluronic acid is designed for:

  • healthy development and growth of joints
  • regeneration and protection of joints
  • to slow wear and tear of joints
  • maintain joint flexibility and movement