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A unique product for a mood boost, mental well-being, calming mind and body. Naturally promotes a positive mood, help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Highly effective standardized extract of lemon balm Bluenesse enriched with vitamins B, in form of a mouth-soluble powder. 
In vitro and human studies confirmed that Bluenesse lemon balm extract, Melissa officinalis (L.) has an immediate effect on mental focus, concentration, memory, positive mood, and improves the ability to cope with stress. Studies show that this extract exhibits beneficial effects on cognitive performance (Bluenesse® is a trademark of Vital Solutions GmbH.)

Amazing flavour combining orange and honey, convenient individual single-use packs.

Recommended usage: 2 sticks/ sachet per a day



Bluenesse is a high quality, sustainable, IP protected, natural ingredient, approved to be used in food supplements, foods and beverages. It is a water soluble fine beige – brown powder with a recommended daily dosage of 300 mg.

Product description:

  • Highly effective prevention of depression, support of the nervous system activity and relaxation due to a rapid release of standardized strong extract and other active ingredients

  • Clinically verified effects of the standardized lemon balm extract used:

    • Positive influence on mood and stress resistance further supports good memory and other cognitive functions

  • Developed and safe for long-term use - is non-addictive

  • No adverse side effects after waking up as fatigue and sleepiness

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Key ingredients

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B1 and B6

Vitamins B contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal mental activity. Also are necessary for the metabolism of proteins, glycogen and energy metabolism.

Bluenesse – an innovative, exclusive lemon balm extract, Melissa officinalis (L.)

Bluenesse – an innovative, exclusive lemon balm extract, Melissa officinalis (L.)

A scientifically researched Lemon Balm extract with concentrated levels of rosmarinic acid for a quick acting effect on mood, helping calm and provide mental focus and clarity. Bluenesse helps the nervous system re-set and encourages a healthy stress response, for calmness and more mental focus.


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